Education and fun go hand in hand

Meet Waphoo team and their mission: 

Waphoo, a part of Zariba Group, is a start-up company enthusiastically working on a highly ambitious project bringing added value to the way kids interact online. Waphoo team consists of young and talented people who are developing a next-gen MMO game for kids. They are using the Unity3D engine to support as many platforms as possible but the main focus stays on the mobile. They strive not only to entertain the children but also to educate them through engaging and interesting games. Math, geography, astronomy and many other lessons will not be boring anymore.

About their pilot project:

Math Burger  is an addictive math game suitable for kids and grown-ups is now available on Google Play. Math Burger is the pilot mini-game project, part of Waphoo’s 3D next-gen Kids Edutainment MMO Platform. It will not only entertain the youngsters but will also have a powerful educational impact, helping kids tease their brains and develop logical skills. Parents love Math Burger because it contains a wide variety of edutainment elements, enabling children to develop their mental abilities, while having hours of fun.


Players have to stack ingredients to turn them into yummy burgers of all sorts as fast as possible to earn more and proceed faster to the next stage. They have to be careful not to disappoint their customers by keeping them waiting for too long. Happy faces mean more coins and solid progress.

Starting only with White bun, Cheese, Meat and Pickles, the players have to unlock the rest of the ingredients to make their burgers even more delicious.

Check it out! Your kids will sure fall in love with the cute charachters and colorful environment!

Coming soon on Apple App Store!