Tap-Tap Dance Available on the App Store

VARNA, February 18, 2016, game studio Waphoo JSC is pleased to announce the iOS release of Tap-Tap Dance- their second game, being part of the big Kids VR MMO project of the company.

Tap-Tap Dance is launched as a standalone game in Google Play and now in the App Store. It is an addictive explosion of music and dance providing countless hours of fun not only for the entire family. It is tailored to deliver joy for all keen on music and dancing

The game boasts simple but  addictive gameplay. The players have to feel the beat and match the rhythm by tapping the colored buttons. If the perfect timing is reached - they get rewarded with “Perfect” mark and gain more points.The more they advance through the game the faster their reactions should be. The new levels are made to increase the concentration and precise moves. Thus Tap-Tap Dance is a good training for fast reactions and excellent test for lightning reflexes!

About the company:

Waphoo, a part of Zariba Group, is a start-up company enthusiastically working on a highly ambitious project bringing added value to the way kids interact online. Waphoo team consists of young and talented people who are developing a next-gen MMO game for kids. They are using the Unity3D engine to support as many platforms as possible but the main focus stays on the mobile. Driven to deliver pocketful of FUN, the team of Waphoo is striving to take user experience to the next level! The 3D next-gen Edutainment World for kids is going to implement Google Cardboard Virtual Reality. It is a massive multiplayer online (MMO) mobile adventure platform, helping kids( 6–11years) tease their brains and develop logical skills while having fun in a safe and protected environment. The platform is developed supported by a well-known education center in Bulgaria and tailored to fit kids’ and parents’ needs.

The 3D world includes fields such as: Math, Music, Healthy eating, Anti-pollution habits, Intuitive Foreign Language learning. You can enjoy the pilot mini-games of the platform Math Burger and Tap-Tap Dance available independently on Android and iOS.