Tap-Tap Dance - Feel the beat!

Just in time for the holidays, our friends from Waphoo are thrilled to announce the release of Tap-Tap Dance- their second game, being part of the big Kids MMO edutainment project of the company.

After the successful debut of the pilot educational game dealing with Maths - Math Burger, Tap-Tap Dance is a typical music game, tailored to delight all users keen on rhythm.

Tap-Tap Dance is an addictive explosion of music and dance providing countless hours of fun not only for the kids but for their parents as well.

The gameplay is simple,  yet challenging. The players have to feel the beat and match the rhythm by tapping the colored buttons. If the perfect timing is reached - they get rewarded with “Perfect” mark and gain more points.The more they advance through the game the faster their reactions should be.

The new levels require more concentration and precise moves. This makes Tap-Tap Dance is a good training for fast reactions and excellent test for lightning reflexes!

Why still waiting? Tighten your belts and take on the dance floor!

Get it now on Google Play!