Tease your brain to the fullest extent!

Are you fond of those brainy games that boost your IQ and challenge your Math skills and concentration? Here is one good suggestion to keep your mind busy and motivation up. 

Fractal Games will help you out with their new absolutely fantastic multuplayer! 

SLIDE is the perfect brain teaser, encouraging mind swiftness, logic and analytical skills. Suitable for all ages, the game offers your daily dose of brain training in an original, fun and challenging way.

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SLIDE is a unique and very challenging multiplayer numbers puzzle. Train your mind swiftness, logical and analytical skills while having fun playing with friends. Create your own strategy and compete with other players online.


Each board has numbers and operators. Drag the numbers and try to achieve as many targets as possible. Each correct slide brings you IQ points. The more target numbers you achieve the more IQ points you obtain.


  • Rankings -> Hints
  • Online Multiplayer Mode
  • Unique Gameplay
  • Rankings
  • Solutions for each game
  • Progress and Rank check
  • Track IQ points
  • Detailed statistics


  • No ads
  • Enables Offline Practice Mode
  • Adds 15 additional seconds to each round
  • Save your boards and share them with friends

* SLIDE is completely free to play but you can purchase in-app items with real money.