Zariba took part in 2 game conferences in Shanghai

We could't help but share the latest happenings around Zariba! 

Our company representatives took part in an international business conference in Shanghai- China Joy, held earlier this month. 

During the stay, Zariba was invited by the Chinese Corp Open X Live (the biggest Windows Phone Publisher in China with 60 milion users), to participate in another prestigious event- Global Windows Phone Conference (GWPC 2015). The conference took place on 1st of August in the Headquarters of Microsoft Building. It was a great honour for us to present an European company on the Asian market at an event of such class. It was also an excellent opportunity to broaden business horizons beyond EU.

The CMO of Zariba, Lubomir Georgiev showcased Zariba's expertise and profesional portfolio, putting a strong focus on the latest large scale projects of the company and its business intentions to step on the Asian continent.

The China visit ended up bringing a lot of profit for the company in terms of business contacts and potential plans for partnership. 

Way to go and ...Hello Shanghai!