games for business


Gamification is the application of digital game design techniques to non-game contexts, such as business, education, and social impact challenges.

Games are the dominant entertainment form of modern times. Game mechanics can be applied outside the games themselves, to create better instruments to achieve the marketing goals.

1 Gamification = Community

Nike+ community does this:

1 000 000 000 miles tracked since the start
1 000 000 000 fuel points earned daily

2 Gamification = Loyalty

Starbucks “Reward” loyalty program gained 80 000 new members to join weekly through their mobile app.

3 Gamification = Boosting sales

The McDonald’s Monopoly game drives users to buy their products because of the game and the fun engagement it provides.

What we can do

1 Zariba can rebrand a popular genre game for you

We have designed and produced lots of casual games of the most popular genres, which people love to play. Wouldn’t it be great if they associate their favorite brand with their favorite type of game?

2 Create a themed version of app or game

Who doesn’t want to have fun during the holidays? The amount of time and money people are willing to spend sharply rises during the holidays and a themed game is a fun way to grab their attention.

We provide themed versions of our games for all the big holidays like Christmas, Halloween, Easter, New Year, Saint Valentine’s day. The possibilities are endless all over the globe.

3 Create games dedicated to special events

Every year, every month, somewhere there is an event which drives peoples’ attention like a magnet.
Olympic Games, Football World Cup, Formula 1 or may be your local Youth League play-offs? Just name it. There is no small event in the heart of the true fan!

4 Incentivize customer interaction

Drive attention and engagement to your brand and service through the easiest and most direct channel – your customer’s smartphone. Gamify your loyalty program, create new ways of incentive.