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Fun and games go hand-in-hand, and businesses have started to harness the power of that winning combo for their own benefit. The companies are reeping the benefits. Don’t get left behind.

Our team

Best thing in Zariba? The team! Very talented, hard working, dedicated, fun to be around people in our company. Started as a team of six, now we are more and many more to come and join us to our great ride to the success.


After many years of experience in the game industry we came to the idea to open a Game Academy where people learn and meet, share their ideas and look for their future in the game business. We can offer wonderful atmosphere, interesting and up to date lectures, responsible lecturers and many opportunities after that. We would love to bring our knowledge to the people that want to create and learn. We start on 19 of February! Will be happy to see you there and hope that you will all learn from our knowledge and game experience!

Open positions

Do you want to develop games for mobile
devices? Maybe design such?


Come in for an interview and you just might have your shot!

Game Developer
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