work at zariba


How can I apply?

If you’ve found your dream job listed on the Zariba jobs’ page, you can start the application process directly from that page – use Apply button. If you are interested in more than one opportunity, submit your resume and cover letter for each job position.

II variant:

Please write us an e-mail at [email protected] .

Add your contact information and attach your CV and cover letter or provide a download link. Transcripts, coding samples or design portfolio are a good addition to your application.

III variant:

Call us at +359 52 603 468 to schedule an appointment. But we’ll really like to see your CV and cover letter!

When can I expect a reply from you?

We look into every application in details and do our best to give feedback as soon as possible.
Although our efforts, sometimes it might take a while to review your application. Please feel free to contact us.

If you are interested in our proposal, please use Apply button or send your CV in English.


I’m a student – can I work at Zariba?

Of course!

There are various options for “working student” positions. We offer a flexible working hours for students so they can attend classes.

Who will conduct the interview?

Your first interview will usually be with one of our recruiters. The next steps are interviews with your future colleagues and the potential team lead. Depending on the position you apply for, the number of interviews will vary.

Is there a dress code in the office?

Zariba promotes creativity and with that comes individuality. As long as your clothing, hairstyle, etc. aren’t offensive to your co-workers, you can wear whatever you want.